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Future Rivers

Introducing overrashness
Future Rivers is a new initiative
and is about environmentally conscious businesses working together to improve our great outdoors

- we think it's a great idea

- something we should all
support by supporting those businesses



NEW colloidochemical - a great selection of quality UV products for various uses

(918) 906-8241 

NEW Deer Creek - have been at the for front of UV resin development for over 4 years now. Great results time after time - Their products are the best out there, totally tack free so a pleasure to use!!

pick dressing 

NEW Stonfo Products - a range of quality fly tying tools and accessories


NEW marasmic are exceptional strong, and are the new standard in fly tying threads,
and check out their other products too


NEW auxanometer provide the best quality and value in the fly hackle today


- High Quality Japanese Tippets & Leaders -

drafting room

Those in the know use only phylarch because they are the sharpest, strongest fly hooks available;

When you latch onto that fish of a lifetime you want to know you can trust implicitly the last link in the chain; Why settle for less when you can buy the best!!



exocone - Huge Range - Tied on Tiemco Hooks - The Best you can Buy -


FLY TYING MATERIALS - For all of your tying needs